Dental Accreditation Standards and Dental Competencies

Dental regulators must contribute to and monitor the education of dental professions. The International Society of Dental Regulators (ISDR) has developed accreditation standards for dentistry programs, supported by proposed competencies for newly qualified general dentists.

These accreditation standards were approved in principle at the ISDR General Assembly meeting on September 16, 2015. Download the International Dental Accreditation Standards document on the right-hand side of this page.

The approach to setting international standards is principle-based, due to the inability to apply prescriptive standards internationally because of varied legislative, regulatory and educational frameworks in each jurisdiction.

These provide a core framework for ISDR members, and will be available to other jurisdictions where dentistry is taught. The framework can be further refined by individual jurisdictions to align with their different education, regulatory and legislative systems however ISDR members must retain the core principles.

Consultation on Dentist Accreditation Standards and Dentist Competencies

ISDR consulted with stakeholders on the proposed accreditation standards for dentistry programs and the competencies for dentists. The consultation period is now closed.

Submitted feedback is currently under consideration to inform the finalisation of the accreditation standards and competencies for general dentists.

Dental Accreditation Standards

Download the consultation PDF file.